Appraisal Management?

Federal Compliance: In 2010, new regulations were introduced called the 2010 Inter-Agency Appraisal & Evaluation Guidelines or “IAG”. These new regulations not only reaffirmed the separation of the appraisal order management process from loan production, but also highlighted the importance of an Appraisal Review Process.

What is An Appraisal Management Company (AMC)?

An AMC acts as an essential intermediary within the real estate appraisal process. We manage the relationship between appraisers and lenders, thereby providing a critical layer of compliance, efficiency, and value.  We engage, oversee, and work closely with certified and experienced appraisers to ensure accurate, unbiased, and compliant appraisal reports.

The role of an AMC is particularly vital in the real estate transaction ecosystem, ensuring that both lending institutions and borrowers can rely on impartial, professional appraisals that comply with all federal and state regulations.

Key Difference

Opting for an AMC like Fastapp offers significant value and convenience compared to independent appraisal services. With Fastapp, you access a network of vetted appraisers, ensuring consistent, high-quality services. We manage the entire appraisal process, staying current with regulations, ensuring quality control, and saving you time and resources. Therefore, with Fastapp, you receive not just expert appraisal services but also peace of mind, as we handle every detail with utmost quality and compliance.

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Start your journey with Fastapp today for reliable, efficient appraisal management. We cater to clients nationwide, offering accurate, customized appraisal services. Reach out to us and discover how we can streamline your appraisal process.

Reduce Costs

Fastapp provides cost savings by streamlining your appraisal process. We utilize a wide network of skilled appraisers, selecting the most suitable for each task to avoid inflated appraisals and costly revisions. Our centralized management approach minimizes overhead costs and maximizes efficiency. Additionally, by handling all aspects of the appraisal process, from the selection of appraisers to report reviews, we free up your valuable time to focus on your core business activities, translating into significant cost savings.  With Fastapp, cost reduction is not just about lower expenses - it's about providing smart, efficient, and compliant services that deliver long-term value to your business.

Additional Reasons To Use An AMC

Choosing an AMC also offers additional advantages in terms of scalability and geographical reach. An AMC like Fastapp has a broad network of appraisers across diverse regions, allowing us to provide services wherever your properties may be located. This can be a significant benefit for lenders with a nationwide presence. Moreover, our resources allow us to easily scale our services up or down according to your needs. Whether you have a single property or an extensive portfolio to be appraised, we have the capacity and expertise to handle it.

Reduces Risk

Fastapp ensures regulatory compliance, providing unbiased and accurate appraisals, and effectively managing potential conflicts of interest within the appraisal process.

Financial Management

Efficiently handle the financial aspects, from disbursing funds to appraisers to providing clear, transparent billing to clients

AIR Compliance

Ensure unbiased appraisals by preventing improper influence or pressure on appraisers during the valuation process

Enhancing Client Productivity

By entrusting the appraisal process to an AMC, clients can direct their attention to their core responsibilities, thus enhancing overall productivity and efficiency within their operations

Quality Control

Ensure the accuracy and consistency of appraisals through stringent review processes, effectively mitigating the risk of errors and maintaining high standards of service.