Our Process

A key difference between Fastapp and most other AMCs is that Fastapp operates more as a loose cooperative between appraisers whose work has been thoroughly vetted through their ongoing and prior working relationships with the appraisal management staff of Fastapp.

The appraisers comprising Fastapp have extensive current knowledge of their neighborhoods. They are aware of the nuances that can and do have a marked impact on property valuation. In addition, the personal relationship between Fastapp’s management and its appraisers permit it to judiciously handle client appraisal assignments by matching the valuation needed to the known roster of neighborhood-specialized appraisers.

There is no need for Fastapp to hunt for a qualified appraiser when an assignment is given. Everyone already on board is more than capable of handling the assignment and have proven so over the years of involvement in the communities in which they operate. Add to this FastApp’s unique ability to introduce potential borrowers to its lending clients and you have a more encompassing definition of universal area coverage wherein FastApp cannot only provide lenders with accurate and timely appraisal valuations, but also has the ability to act as a borrower referral service to those same lending clients.


We choose appraisers that live and work in the areas that appraise, bringing on-site familiarity with local market dynanics to every property valuation.


Our clients receive accurate, unbiased reports that meet all Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) and are compliant with Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.


Every apprasier is prescreened and selected for state qualifications, appraisal history, and specialities to offer the most accurate and reliable reports to our clients.